Hiring For Agility

Hiring people for Agile teams is more complicated than the usual process. With the exception of past experience or certification, Agile hiring is not about skillsets as much as it is behavior. And hiring for behavior is hard.

Agile hires can collaborate with teams, and share their work and knowledge with colleagues just as easily as they can focus on the technical work that needs to be done.

Agile hires are competent enough to take honest pride in their work. In software development, Agile hires are focused on minimizing defects before they get to Production.

Agile hires want to learn. Not just the cool stuff, but what is required to complete the work in front of them. Sometimes that means learning something not necessarily in your normal job description, but related to the project you are working on. And sometimes that learning will help you, your fellow team members, or the project itself.

Agile hires understand value. Besides a product that works, Agile means getting features out quickly so we can hear feedback.

Agile hires know when to ask for help. As a team player, you have to acknowledge your weaknesses. The point is not to pass on the hard stuff to somebody else on the team but to ask for the help you need and have the desire to learn.

In the same areas as the last one, Agile hires want feedback. That word, feedback, is a nicer term for constructive criticism. Agile hires are prepared to listen and act on the useful opinions of others. And, to share their own expertise as criticism of other people's features or work.